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Tecmer is always looking for the right people to join our team in the following technical areas.

Environmental Compliance Services
Safety and Health Services
Energy Management Services
Engineering Services
Computer/IT Services

Document Control Services
Maintenance Support Services
Operation Support Services
Outage Support Services
Configuration Management

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Job ID 2791
Job Title Health & Safety Professional - Crystal River, FL
Engineering: construction
Function: Safety & Health
Description: Our Client is seeking a Health & Safety Professional for the Citrus County Combined Cycle Plant in Crystal River, FL. ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: Approx. 2 YEARS LONG ... more info
Keywords: on-site, construction, combined cycle, health, safety, interpersonal, management
Job ID 2790
Job Title Health & Safety Professional - Bartow, FL
Engineering: construction
Function: Safety & Health
Description: Our Client is seeking a Health & Safety Professional for Bartow, FL. ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: Oct- Dec. 2016 ... more info
Keywords: Health, safety, on-site, construction, combined cycle, interpersonal,outage
Job ID 2789
Job Title Health & Safety Professional (Day & Night Shift) - Belton, SC
Engineering: construction
Function: Safety & Health
Description: Our Client is seeking 2 Health & Safety Professionals for the WS Lee Plant in Belton, SC. One position is for day shift and the other Night shift. ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: Oct. 2016 - June 2017 ( Approx. ... more info
Keywords: health, safety, combined cycle, construction, interpersonal, on-site, night shift, day shift
Job ID 2788
Job Title Electrical Checker - Atlanta, GA
Engineering: electrical
Function: Operations
Description: ||Our Client is seeking a Electrical Checker for Atlanta, GA. ||ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: 12 MONTHS|| ... more info
Keywords: electrical, checker, fossil, hydro, diagrams, wiring, cable, design, codes, elementary
Job ID 2787
Job Title Administrative Assistant - Birmingham, AL
Engineering: computer
Function: Operations
Description: Our Client is seeking an Administrative Assistant for Birmingham, AL. ||ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: Approx. 12 MONTHS ||JOB DESCRIPTION:|| This position will provide administrative support to the Land ... more info
Keywords: clerical, administrative, Oracle, invoice, office, purchase orders, support, maximo
Job ID 2786
Job Title Geologist/GeoEnvironmental Engineer - Birmingham, AL
Engineering: civil
Function: Environmental
Description: Our Client is seeking a Geologist/Geoenvironmental Engineer for Birmingham, AL. ||ASSIGNMENT LENGTH: 12 MONTHS|| JOB DESCRIPTION: This position will primarily perform field activities in suppo ... more info
Keywords: geologist, environmental, soil, sampling, drilling, groundwater, logs, oversight, field, data collection, ArcGIS

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